Becoming a morning person is a great way for having more productive days, so if you’re considering it, you’re setting yourself to success . I’ve identified 5 steps which are gonna get you through the transition of becoming an early-riser.

Reset your biological clock

The key to getting up early is obviously getting enough sleep, in order to be fully alert in the morning it’s necessary to go to sleep earlier at night. But for someone who doesn’t follow any schedule and goes to sleep at different times it can be tricky to establish a certain time for going to bed. There are some ways that can help you fix your biological clock.

Camping. During the day we are exposed to a lot of artificial light which confuses our internal clock. Regulating the light exposure in urban life can be pretty challenging so what some people suggest is spending a few days in nature. This way your only light source is going to be the sun and your internal clock will synchronize with the natural sleeping regime.

Staying up all night. Another fast way for fixing your internal clock is to stay up all night. As wrong as it may sound it can be pretty effective. The trick is that if you’re struggling with going to bed early the reason for that is that you’re body thinks it doesn’t need any sleep yet. But if you stay up all night and get thorough the next day without napping, there’s no way that your body will refuse to sleep. But you should be aware that this is an unhealthy way to go and you’re goal might not be worth it. So understand the trade-offs and choose wisely.

Once you’re biological clock is in place it’s very important to maintain it because the external distractions still exist and you should do your best to avoid them.

Evening routine

Evening routine is a set of tasks before the bed time that slowly get our bodies out of the work flow and tell them that is’s time to slow down. Choose tasks that are low-intensity and aren’t intellectually demanding. It can be something as simple as washing dishes, laying out the clothes for the next day or reading. By the end of the ritual you shouldn’t have any problem going to sleep. If you want to know what time you should go to bed you can use the calculator, which estimates your bedtime based on “sleep cycles”.

Morning routine

Early in the morning when your brain isn’t at its peak of consciousness we are not able to make productive  and procrastinating, going back to sleep might seem like a good decision so having an established task to do which can be something as simple as stepping outside and stretching out lets us wake up and get into a work flow. During my morning routine I get up at 7 a.m. rinse my face with cold water, do a 5 minute workout followed by meditation for 5 minutes then I eat a healthy breakfast and put on the clothes that I laid out the night before. Morning routines are something to be tailored to your needs. Some people keep it very short and simple while for others it might occupy a pretty large chunk of time.

Good alarm system 

Not all of us are able to jump off the bed like a ninja, it’s a skill that needs practice and development. But there are some tricks to help you with it. You can use free alarm mobile apps like Wake Up Alarm which won’t snooze or turn off until you do a preassigned task such as scanning a barcode or solving a math problem.

Give your body clues

Did I already mention laying out clothes before sleep? Here’s why it’s so important. Our bodies habitually respond to different clues around us. We can take advantage of it in a smart way and create clues that can trigger our productive habits. For example wear work clothes in the morning to get into the workflow and put on pajamas and dim the lights at night to create a sleepy atmosphere. The point here is to create an appropriate environment where your body feels like it’s time to switch to some certain mode.

Being a morning person is something that can be easily obtained if you identify your goals precisely and stay committed to your systems. After being consistent about it for a while your body adapts to the new lifestyle and it becomes as natural for you as it is for Stan Smith