Getting your first steps into task management might seem like a hassle. You don’t know how much how much time certain tasks take, how challenging they might be, how your energy levels change during the day and so on. But once you get your system running everything becomes much smoother. I’ve mentioned before how collecting data about your work can enhance your productivity, this blog post is going to be about the tools that you can use to track your performance data and turn your life into an RPG game.

Creating a simplified model of your life

In order to be able to get your act together and start taking care of your long-term commitments on daily basis you probably need some sort of tracking system which you can review regularly to see your progress. Tools that I’m going to review in the next paragraph will help you to zoom out from your everyday hassle and look at your life from a different perspective. This way you can see yourself through a wider lens and identify the long-term paths that you need to take, break it down and create your agenda based on that.

Tools to Help You

There are a lot of really great tools and apps out there which can help you get started in your journey to becoming a video game character, my favorite being  Habitica. This one allows you to set daily tasks, to-dos, track your habits and you can also join parties with other people where all of the users get to do certain goal that you need to reach, by not doing so you harm other players and that adds a social responsibility factor to the game making your commitment stronger. But there are other tools that you can make a good use out of including Habit streakLifeRPG and Beeminder just to name a few.


Besides being able to look at your life from a different perspective there are other ways you can benefit from turning your life into an RPG game

Builds a Long-Term Thinking

Establishing a connection between everyday tasks and long-term commitments is a single most powerful thing to do in terms of setting yourself to success. Ever wondered why is it so much easier to stay true to your goals in video games than in real life? Answer to that is very simple and it’s because the feedback from the video game is much faster than from your life. You get XP for harvesting crops, unlocking an achievement, defeating the boss and even for losing a battle. That’s where the secret of long-term thinking lies, being able to understand that every single one of your decisions have an impact on your final goal.

It’s a Good Motivator

If you have to accomplish certain tasks regularly I don’t need to tell you that working without motivation sucks. Getting things done under the driving force of whatever your motivation might be is a lot better, it’s easier and more fulfilling  but motivation isn’t always there, in fact it’s rarely ever present. For me the most powerful motivation is looking at my achievements. And by that I don’t mean anything major, what i mean is that when you know that you’ve accomplished similar (or more challenging) task before and you can refer to that moment, getting through the current tasks becomes no problem. This isn’t something that you would typically call a motivation but it’s much more effective than waiting for some moment in future which might never come. So keeping the record of your achievements and having an app telling you that you’ve managed to come from zero to a certain experience level will definitely benefit you.

 It’s Cool

It feels like you’re turning into a video game character. You have your own XP bar, your arsenal and most importantly your missions. You’re able to estimate what kind of challenges you can tackle, what’s your next upgrade is going to be, what do you need to add to your skill set. Give it a try, it will probably become your favorite video game, the one you never feel guilty playing.